China: Business Friend or Business Foe

RGrp 360 has a new initiative in the planning stages for East-West economic development at the personal level.

We are building a network of people on the ground to provide a complete service.   Information will be shared at our main site for the new project and here too.

As we progress to the launch of this service this site will focus on information about doing business in China and other parts of southeast Asia.  Being a linchpin  site of the Guide To Info digital information arm, we will be able to effectively change focus here from time to time.  Of course  archives will always be available.

For more information at this stage about our Doing Business With The Chinese the 21st Century Way contact:  Rempel Group’s director  Bob Rempel via email at “”  or follow us on Twitter  @bobremp

Originally posted 2014-08-11 16:03:56.

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